Our Mission and Core Values


We exist to bring hope in the form of lasting solutions to those who do not have access to life’s most basic needs.

Core Values:

Open Minded Attitude:

Approaching anew an opportunity to expand our knowledge and professional horizons.


Understand and consider the feelings of others and acknowledge the difference one’s actions will have on others.

Committed to Excellence:

We are committed to delivering exceptional service to both our clients and our partners and continuously seeking out methods to advance our service for the benefit of our community.


Exhibiting compassion as we work as a community to bring to understand, respect, and support each other, teaching us why learning to love is one of the most demanding disciplines we can choose.


By working together as one unit to meet common goals while remaining sensitive to the needs of others.

Our Calling and Our Promise

Many people in our community do not have access to life’s most basic needs such as reliable shelter or daily food. Drop of Hope is working to bring awareness and a desire to our neighbors who are able to assist. As we begin identifying the needs and subsequently creating solutions by working with community partners, we can bring hope and lasting solutions to those in need.

We evaluate where the greatest needs are among those we are striving to assist. These include access to:

  • Local shelters
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Daily food

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