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The Drop Of Hope is a major voluntary nonprofit health organization, dedicated to preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases, improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by kidney disease and increasing the availability of all organs for transplantation. The Drop Of Hope is a registered 501c3 and is a major voluntary non-profit health organization and is recognized by the Better Business Bureau to meet all 20 standards for charity accountability.

The Drop Of Hope conducts many different types of charitable fundraising activities to provide services to families and patients in need. Our clothing donation and truck pick up program is just one way you can help support this benevolent charity. By donating your used clothing and household items, you can provide needed support for our mission and help PEOPLE. Your items remain in the community (no exporting) and unusable items are recycled when possible.

How It Works

Drop Of Hope Pick Up Process

Five Ways the Clothing Donation Program Helps Drop Of Hope

  1. Increases awareness of the Drop Of Hope and their mission.
  2. Educates the public about PROBLEMS
  3. Provides valuable funding.
  4. Creates an avenue to reach PEOPLE and gain new PEOPLE; provides for marketing in tertiary markets without the cost to the organization.
  5. Provides an alternative to cash donations so anyone can get involved.

Your Donations Help

  • Fund valuable programs and research that help PEOPLE
  • Put items in the hands of people who can use them instead of landfills
  • Provide jobs and low cost shopping opportunities


How does the Clothing Donation Program process work?

Drop Of Hope has partnered with Some Stores and Collection Services Management to collect household items and clothing from the general public. Collection Services Management uses direct mail and other methods to notify the public of the needs. Trucks are then dispatched to neighborhoods to collect the donations. Donated items are then sold to local thrift stores and the money generated will be used to help the DropOfHope with its core mission, competencies, and programs.

Why doesn’t the Drop Of Hope charity use my donated items directly?

Enlisting in a trusted and registered partner to collect, clean, sort, and repackage items donated to the Clothing Donation Program allows us to focus our charitable resources on our mission and programs.

In addition to generating funds for our programs, the stores we work with that sell the clothing and household items provide a valuable community service through jobs and low-cost shopping opportunities for families on limited budgets. The company recycles most items it can’t use, keeping waste out of the landfill.

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